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Here i´ll share my photos, everything from Icehockey, soccer and vacation trips I take..

Read my trip blog at:
http://jarly.blogg.no - I´ll write here from every trip I take!

Icehockey blogs:
http://hockeytravels.blogg.no - Icehockey travel blog in Norwegian
http://hockeynorgetravels.wordpress.com - Icehockey travel blog in English

Next tournaments I´m covering is:
IIHF U20 2015 Div 1 A - (14 - 20 December) Asiago, Italy
IIHF U18 2015 Div 1 A - (12 - 18 April) Debrecen, Hungary

Icehockey tournaments covered so far:
IIHF U20 Top Div 2011 - Buffalo, NY. Took photos for Swedish Aftonbladet.se and hockeymagasinet.no
IIHF U20 Div 1 A 2012 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (Men). Took photos for HockeyNorge.no
IIHF U18 Div 1 A 2012 - Tromsø, Norway (Female). Took photos for HockeyNorge.no
IIHF U18 Div 1 A 2012 - Piestany, Slovakia (Men). Took photos for HockeyNorge.no
IIHF U20 Div 1 A 2013 - Amiens, France (Men). Took photos for HockeyNorge.no
IIHF U18 Div 1 A 2013 - Asiago, Italy (Men). Took photos for HockeyNorge.no

I take pictures and send it to:
Vålerenga Elite: http://www.vif-hockey.no
HockeyNorge: http://www.hockeynorge.no

Spartafans uses my galleries: http://www.spartafans.no

Published in Get magazine October issue, this photo is used: http://bit.ly/nuS6qi

Been published in VG (paper version)
21.03.2012 - http://bit.ly/GGXtkS (Photo used. Original size)
16.01.2012 - http://bit.ly/GNApPD (Photo used. Original size)

Been published twice in Aftenposten.no (online and in the paper version)
02.02.2010: http://bit.ly/kLbTyH

29.12.2008: http://bit.ly/iAUrH7

Translated to english: http://tinyurl.com/yat37bg

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